What to Expect at a Competition

Field competition days are very busy, fast-paced, and exciting events. To help you get an idea of what to expect, we’ve put together the following information:

A typical competition day always kicks off in the band room.

Students come to school dressed in what will be worn under their uniform (dark athletic shorts, white t-shirt, and black socks). Depending on our performance time, the students will either come prepared to practice at the school beforehand, or immediately load up the semi-truck, climb into their section’s bus, and take off to the competition site. Specific instructions are always passed down to the students by Mrs. Thomas.

Parents can meet at the school or the competition site.

The students are primarily in charge of getting their instruments to the truck, but we can always use some extra hands to load a myriad other supplies and help with last minute preparations. You’ll be surprised at the number of things that get loaded onto the truck and buses!

Mrs. Thomas will send an email breaking down the day’s schedule. You are welcome to come to the school at loading time and assist, or just be there to send them off. This is not required; it is perfectly acceptable to meet the buses at the event.

Don’t forget to wear your competition t-shirts!

I’m at the competition site. Now what?

Every venue has slightly different arrangements. You will follow signs for spectator parking, park, and then seek out the Temecula Valley Golden Valley Regiment truck in the parking area. Parents set up EZ-Ups and tables, while students unload the truck.  The band then typically changes into half-dress (white t-shirt, overalls, and shoes). If we’re having colder weather, they might get fully dressed.

They then head over to their designated practice spot.

Please note: guard, drum line and front ensemble typically break off and practice in different areas, and then the band meets up at the end for a run-through. Parents can hang out and watch their student practice / warm up, or can even help cart water bottles and equipment to the practice areas and then quickly rush to collect them and take them back to the truck when it’s time to head out to the stadium. All competitions take place on a football field and spectators sit in the bleachers.

Entrances to the bleachers are blocked while a band is performing, so you’ll want to find your way to the stadium before our kids take the field. Some events offer pre-sales for tickets, but they’re typically purchased the day of event at the gate. Many sites only accept cash, so please come prepared for that! Bleacher space is sometimes a little tight, so quickly find a good spot and have a seat. Feel free to gravitate toward any other gold/brown TVHS shirts and sit together. We cheer much louder in groups!

*These events are long and while we do provide a small snack after the performance, the students do get hungry before the day is over, so you might want to provide your student with cash for the variety of food vendors. Some venues even offer shirts, buttons, pins, and other souvenirs for purchase.

What happens after our school performs?

The band and guard marches off the field after their performance and heads back to the truck where they receive a rundown of their performance from Mrs. Thomas and the coaches. They then load their instruments and dress out into their band t-shirt and pants or shorts. Parents will help clean up the area and load the rest of the equipment into the truck while the kids dress-out. Students must be officially released by the drum majors before they take off to get food and watch the other schools perform.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the rest of the competition and awards.

After the awards ceremony has concluded, we will quickly load buses and take off for TVHS. Boosters and Mrs. Thomas will post scores / recap and the estimated arrival time on Facebook and Remind. If you’re not a member of our private Facebook group or have not signed up for REMIND, please do so now. We heavily rely on these tools for status updates during the busy fall and winter seasons.

When the students arrive at the school, they unload the truck and buses, and put everything away. They cannot leave the school until everything is accounted for and they are officially dismissed. Please understand this requirement as they are taught to be one cohesive unit until they are fully released.

Just a few little extras…

Below is the SCSBOA Field Show Manual for informational purposes. It’s 46 pages, so you might want to have a cup of coffee and snack handy when you read it.  Some of you might appreciate the information and find the organization’s event rules and procedures interesting.

Please don’t shy away from coming up to the truck before and after our band and guard performs. We will have a parent / volunteer table set up under the EZ-ups and welcome you to join us for coffee, snacks, and water. We really want you to be a part of this from beginning to end!


Download the Field Show Manual by clicking the image above. It is also located on our Parent Resources page.


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