Dear Golden Valley Regiment students and families,

Thanks to all for the support for our fall Season! We’re now moving into the new year and continue our efforts to keep our program running efficiently for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that fundraising for the TVHS Golden Valley Regiment General Fund is year round.

Here is a quick summary of our upcoming potential fundraisers:

Specific details are forthcoming on any upcoming fundraisers and are subject to change.

World’s Finest Chocolate Details

The 2017 Winter Line program will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate Candy Bars to fund raise for this upcoming season. 81 boxes of chocolate have arrived and will be distributed to the Winter Line participants beginning Wednesday, January 18th after WL practice.

Each member of the Winter Line is asked to commit to selling at least 2 boxes. Your commitment means that you are responsible for all monies for the two boxes.

ONCE BOXES ARE TAKEN, NO CHOCOLATE CAN BE RETURNED. The first drop for monies collected will be on 02/14/2017.

Signed permission slips are required to check out boxes.

Fundraising is open to all members, for any band/guard season. While you may not be participating in a particular performance group, we welcome all efforts to help the group and thank you!

Your support is needed and very much appreciated.


Marifel Trias, a veteran band parent, is this year's ways and means vice president responsible for fundraising.

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