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Benefit Mobile App Puts Free Money into the Band’s Bank Account

Who doesn’t love free money? The new Benefit app is a relatively painless way to support the band financially. You can link your checking account instantly. It’s super easy to use either online or in person at the cash register. The concept is as follows:

  • You buy electronic gift cards at the point of sale using your mobile phone and the Benefit app.
  • You pay for you goods with your electronic gift card by showing the cashier the barcode (or entering the number online). This is fast and easy, and in most cases, you can buy the gift card for the exact purchase price.
  • A percentage of the sale goes directly to the band.

No money comes out of your pocket! Plus, you’re earning money for the band on purchases you would normally make…

Where Can You Use the Benefit App?

All over the place!

How does earning 2.5 percent on every purchase you make at Target sound? Or 3 percent at Vons or Amazon? 5 percent at CVS Pharmacy? 5 percent at Applebee’s? 5 percent at American Airlines? 6 percent at Starbucks? 7 percent at Jiffy Lube? 8 percent at Gap? 8 percent at Regal Cinemas? How about 20 percent at Callaway (golf)? These are just a few of the many retailers, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and travel companies that participate in this program.

So, as you go about your routine buying your typical groceries, medications, movie tickets, airline tickets, pumpkin spice lattes, oil changes, clothing, household goods, sporting equipment and even deals on Groupon (5 percent), you could be earning money for the band.

How Much Can You Earn for the Band?

Naturally, this will vary based on each family’s spending habits and favorite stores. To give you an idea, one of our band members averages about $30 per month simply by using this app.

Now, what if we could get just 10 people to use this app? Assuming a similar rate of return, we could raise about $3,000 in FREE money for the band this year. Could we get 30 people to use it? That would be nearly $10,000. Suddenly, buying a desperately needed tuba in the near future looks doable.

The Benefit app has potential, but only if we start using it.

You can download it in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Find us under the “Non-Profits” section, Temecula Valley High School Band Boosters, and designate us as your beneficiary.

What Happens When My Student Graduates?

While we’d love for you to continue using the app to support the band long after your student graduates, we completely understand if you switch to a new beneficiary after graduation. For example, this app will let you designate your student’s college tuition bill as a beneficiary. Although a few bucks a week won’t come close to paying for college, every little bit helps.

So, get in the benefit habit now…

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