2018 SCSBOA Festival – March 21st and March 22nd

Congratulations on an “Excellent” job to both the Intermediate and Advanced bands and thank you our families for all of your hard work and donations!

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About the Festival

Information for Parents from SCSBOA

Your son or daughter will be participating in a Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) District Band & Orchestra Festival.

Perhaps you are aware of most of the facts concerning our music festivals; however, certain facts bear repeating.

  • This district festival is one of the many festivals sponsored by the SCSBOA.
  • Participants in district festivals become eligible to go on to the regional festival if they receive a Superior (I) rating for their performance.
  • Judges, who are specialists in their respective fields, are hired to make constructive comments and criticism using the official adjudication forms. They are selected by the SCSBOA and have met the standards of this professional organization.
  • No one is a winner; there is no “first place.” Ratings are given, including Superior (I), Excellent (II), Good (III), Fair (IV), and Poor (V). Experienced music educators set the rating standards; however, the rating received is not as important as the learning process that has preceded the performance. Therefore, directors may elect to enter their ensembles for comments only.
  • Official medals, cloisonné pins, patches and stickers (authorized by the association), which indicate the rating earned, may be purchased by individuals. They are often worn on uniforms or kept as souvenirs of achievement. The cost of a medal or pin is $5.00, a patch is $3.00 and a sticker is $1.00. Students should bring the appropriate amount of money with them, as pins, medals, and stickers will not be available after the day of the festival except through a special order made by the school’s director.
  • This festival is open to the public; you are cordially invited to share with us the intellectual, aesthetic, and social growth that is gained through musical performance.
SCSBOA Festival Philosophy


It is our belief that music and music activities are important parts of the educational program of our schools. We believe that good classroom instruction is a basic requirement of a sound program of music education. If properly taught and effectively supervised, music can play an important role in the development of the attitudes and values that we feel are essential to our cultural and national life. We also believe that desirable co-curricular music activities should be provided to supplement and enrich the regular classroom activities. We believe that participation in festivals offers the opportunity of achieving a high standard of music performance through the use of music lists and adjudication by qualified and trained experts in music education. We believe that the comments and suggestions of these adjudicators will help the improvement of each soloist, ensemble, or performing organization.

Festival Purpose

More information from SCSBOA:

Artistic Perception – Processing, Analyzing, and Responding to Sensory Information

1. To increase aural awareness.

2. To encourage musical responsiveness, involvement, and discrimination.

Creative Expression – Musical Skills Development

1. To develop skills necessary to become capable and intelligent performers, creators, and consumers of music.

2. To upgrade the quality of musical performance through adjudication and the selection of music.

3. To provide sight-reading opportunities under conditions designed to provide a rewarding experience for the students.

4. To provide suitable performing outlets that serve to motivate participants. Historical and Cultural -

Musical Heritage

1. To provide aesthetic experiences that will promote a sense of cultural values.

2. To develop awareness and understanding of the styles, idioms, performance media, and purposes of music as part of our multicultural heritage.

3. To develop community interest and support for the school music program.

4. To further promote music as one of the basic elements of education.

Aesthetic Valuing – Responding to, Analyzing, and Making Judgments about Music

1. To provide a sound basis of musical experience that can be used in making intelligent judgments of musical value.

2. To furnish opportunities for students to see and hear their peers from other schools in non-competitive settings.

Connections, Relationships, Applications – Application of Knowledge to Other Disciplines and Art Forms

1. To provide opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate social behavior in performance settings as performers and audience members.

2. Attendance at festivals allows students to communicate their common experiences in written or verbal form at a later date.

3. To place students in situations that will develop creative skills, problem solving, communication, and time management that help contribute to lifelong learning


2017 Results by School

Temecula Valley HS Excellent
Mission Hills HS CB Good
Potter JH Band Excellent
Double Peak ES Band Superior
McElhinney MS SB Excellent
Valley Center HS Band Superior
Margarita MS Orch Excellent
Bella Vista MS Band Good
Valley Center MS Band Superior
Chaparral HS WE Superior
Great Oak HS WE Excellent
Linfield Christian HS Excellent
Vail Ranch MS Good
Chemawa MS Excellent
Vista Verde MS Excellent
Linfield Christian HS Excellent
San Elijo MS Good
Arlington HS Superior
Chaminade MS Excellent
Vail Ranch MS Excellent
El Camino HS Superior
Temecula Valley HS Orch Excellent
Chaparral HS CB Excellent
El Camino HS WE Superior
Margarita MS Band Excellent
Temecula MS Excellent
Vail Ranch MS Superior
Murrieta Valley HS Superior
Day MS Excellent
Vista Murrieta HS WE Superior

2016 Festival Results