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Our program relies on the generosity of our band families to help us pay for transportation, world class coaching, music, competition fees, instruments, instrument repair, and other necessities. Our costs to run a successful marching program run to approximately $450 per student just during the competitive season. You may donate at any time online or by placing a check in the band booster’s box just outside of Mr. Cowee’s office. Any amount is appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. The need for financial support from our families is great! We have put together some suggested donation amounts.

Thank you for supporting this amazing program.

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Did you know it costs the band program $1,800 to rent ONE school bus!?  We use several buses for each competition in which we participate. Transportation costs for the marching band program are the second largest expense secondary to coaches.

We have world class coaches with decades of combined marching band/drum corps teaching experience that are teaching and mentoring our students.  Soon we will be updating our website so you can get to know them. I cannot run a successful award winning marching program without our staff.  That would be like asking the head football coach to teach the linebackers, as well as the kickers, and the entire defense and offense.  Our staff are highly specialized and intelligent in marching arts.  And the district does not pay their wages, our donations do.

But guess what!???

Did you know that our TVHS Band Boosters are an IRS 501-c-3 charitable organization?  The $450 that we are going to contribute this year is 100% tax deductible because it is a direct donation to a non-profit organization!

So!  We get buses, we get wonderful staff, and we get a tax write off.  If we don’t donate, we will not have the funds to compete.

Thank you so much for your contributions to the marching band program. The boosters are wonderful stewards of the funds that come in, and decisions regarding our season will be made on a week to week basis depending on the donations that are contributed.

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Donation Amount

Full Fall 2021 Donation $450, Partial Donation $250, Partial Donation $200, Partial Donation $100, Partial Donation $75, Partial Donation $50, Partial Donation $25, Optional $1.00 to Offset Processing Fees, Optional $2.50 to Offset Processing Fees, Optional $4.50 to Offset Processing Fees

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